Q.C.E.O Building -2A Architecture Award

TV “Sepid E Porrang”- 2A Architecture Award

7th Iranian Interior Design Award

6th Iranian Interior Design Award

Maritain Museum-Competition

Q.C.E.O Building-World Architectural Award-WAF

Q.C.E.O Building – 2nd Facade Architecture Award

Memar Award 87

Zoroastrian Center-Competition

Qazvin Construction Engineering Organization (Q.C.E.O Building)-Competition

Comeptition for World Trade Center of Persian Carpet

Yazd Construction Engineering Organization (Y.C.E.O) Building-Competition

War Museum-Competition

Saadi Complex-Competition

Book Garden-Competition

Daya studio is an Iranian studio specializing in architecture, design, art and infrastructural projects. DAYA's projects range in scale from furniture to architecture and urban Research and in all sectors.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After months of hard work and dedication, now, we are delighted to officially announce the launch on Nov 21, 2017. We hope you find the new website a fresh look, easy to access information and we also wish to establish this portal as a source of information for the visitors of our website.
The name, DAYA, stands for DA and YA that in Zoroastrian and Persian language are root words. DA means create/make/give and YA means remind/remember